Walk-in closets

The walk-in closet of your dreams

Today many of us can assess the convenience and comfort of high quality walk-in closets. Walk-in closet is becoming an important and popular attribute of the home interior. Each walk-in closet owner reasonably raises the question - why only now the walk-in closets come into our daily lives?
We offer a huge variety of walk-in closets to our customers. All of them are united by key advantages - functionality and compactness.
We can install walk-in closets in any space, as well we can offer non-standard configurations. A well-planned walk-in closet interior layout makes use of available space the most efficient.
Many people think that walk-in closet is a luxury attribute that is only set up in big houses and flats. But this is not true.
Modern walk-in closets can be in a wide variety of sizes and can even fit in small apartments, it also helps to save the available space and is a permanent solution to store a large amount of different clothes, bedding and many other things that are not required for everyday use.
Unlike usual wardrobes, walk-in closet helps to maximize interior space, it can contain a large variety of items that will not take up much space.
VESIDA walk-in closet will perfectly fit in any home interior and will beautify it.

Walk-in closet's sliding door design

Spintos stumdomos durys

These are the most popular sliding door designs. Sliding door panel materials and designs are individualized according to your wishes. 

Walk-in closet's sliding door profiles

We have selected the best sliding door system manufacturers and offer steel, wood laminated steel, aluminium and aluminium coated with natural veneer sliding door profiles. Always a wide range of profile, color and design

Walk-in closet's sliding door panels

We offer various choice of decor and provide a variety of different manufacturers' laminated chipboard panels that meet quality and hygiene requirements more

Glass, mirror, plastic. We offer the only safe materials in different colors and patterns more

Painted laminated panels (MDF), veneered panels. For those looking for more exclusivity more

We also offer other popular decorative door trim materials more

Walk-in closet's interior

Shelves and drawers are made of laminated or veneered chipboard more

For your comfort and convenience we offer special wardrobe accessories - baskets for clothing and footwear, various racks, hangers, soft-close mechanisms, sliding door dampers, absorbers, and more. They are mounted in the wardrobe by your needs and desires more


Showroom personnel and professional interior designer's advicemore

Fast and accurate production using the latest technologies more

Professional assemblagemore

Warranty and after warranty caremore

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