Sliding doors

Portalas rekomenduoja VESIDA stumdomų durų sistemas

VESIDA 5/S1200 - norintiems sukurti minimalistinį interjerą plačiau

VESIDA 6/B - prabangi, berėmė, provanso stiliaus pažiba plačiau

VESIDA 6/C42 - šiuolaikiška klasikinio durų rėmo interpretacija plačiau

Extraordinary sliding doors

Do you need sliding doors for a wardrobe or as entrance to a small room? Maybe you want to install partitions between rooms? We offer a convenient, fast, easy to install sliding doors. Sliding doors are ideal for offices, hairdressers, non-conventional forms of places - the stairs and attics. For your convenience, sliding doors may be hanged, without a bottom track. In addition, the sleek design of VESIDA sliding doors gives charm and individuality to every house.E

Sliding doors' design

Spintos stumdomos durys

These are the most popular sliding door designs. Sliding door panel materials and designs are individualized according to your wishes. 

Sliding doors' profiles

We have selected the best sliding door system manufacturers and offer steel, wood laminated steel, aluminium and aluminium coated with natural veneer sliding door profiles. Always a wide range of profile, color and design

Sliding doors' panels

We offer various choice of decor and provide a variety of different manufacturers' laminated chipboard panels that meet quality and hygiene requirements more

Glass, mirror, plastic. We offer the only safe materials in different colors and patterns more

Painted laminated panels (MDF), veneered panels. For those looking for more exclusivity more

We also offer other popular decorative door trim materials more


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Fast and accurate production using the latest technologies more

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