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Partnership abroad

Wardrobes, sliding doors, walk-in closets and partitions made in VESIDA adorn not only Lithuanian homes, but also homes other countries. We work with partners from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Kazakhstan, G. Britain, Germany, Spain, Poland and other countries.

Our mission - a mutually beneficial partnership by offering integrated solutions.

VESIDA invites to collaborate architects, construction companies, furniture sellers, manufacturers, project managers, people providing construction and decoration services and others. We are also looking for suppliers who can offer products that could be interesting to our customers.

We are looking for partners in the Scandinavian countries, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Germany and other countries.

Why should you choose VESIDA:

  • We can construct and produce furniture that satisfy your needs.
  • We have local and international work experience from sketch preparation to furniture assemblage at the customer’s home.
  • By using modern manufacturing facilities and latest technologies we produce high quality furniture in the shortest times.
  • We buy materials directly from producers and therefore offer low-cost production.
  • For individual solutions implementation we offer a wide range of materials, interior elements and a variety of design solutions.
  • We flexibly adapt market conditions and take advantage of mutual merits.
  • We provide a warranty.

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VESIDA - We produce personally to you.

Contact information:

UAB "Vesida"

Vytauto 8/7, Vilnius
Company No. 122580368, VAT No. LT100000015314
Register No. AB 94-205, registered in Vilniaus city municipality
Phone +370 5 231 51 26 Fax +370 5 273 75 69 E-mail