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Non-standard furniture

Individuality above all

We, VESIDA, we will help you to create a beautiful and comfortable interior. We offer superb design and reliable furniture for your home: various size and style beds, cupboards, chests of drawers, tables and other custom furniture.

The main features in VESIDA furniture are stylish design and the reliability of each element.

Wardrobe's sliding door panels

We offer various choice of decor and provide a variety of different manufacturers' laminated chipboard panels that meet quality and hygiene requirements more

Glass, mirror, plastic. We offer the only safe materials in different colors and patterns more

Painted laminated panels (MDF), veneered panels. For those looking for more exclusivity more

We also offer other popular decorative door trim materials more

Wardrobe's interior

Shelves and drawers are made of laminated or veneered chipboard more

For your comfort and convenience we offer special wardrobe accessories - baskets for clothing and footwear, various racks, hangers, soft-close mechanisms, sliding door dampers, absorbers, and more. They are mounted in the wardrobe by your needs and desires more


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Быстрое и точное производство с использованием новейших технологий  читать далее

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Гарантийное и после гарантийное обслуживаниечитать далее

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