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Multi-functional aluminium system

Multi-functional aluminium system

VESIDA offers multi-functional aluminum system which has a modern look and can be used in the various ways. This is a perfect harmony between the noble aluminum silver and other decorative materials: wood, painted, veneered or laminated board, metal, plastic, glass. Aluminium system is practical, easy to install and, if necessary, can be easily transformed according to your wishes.

We offer you multi-functional aluminium system equipment for the cabinet interior, compartments, book shelves, hallway furniture. System consists of vertical uprights, shelf brackets, clothing and shoe racks. Vertical uprights are built in the desired distance from each other just on the floor and attached to the back wall or the ceiling. Two kinds of brackets can be used for shelf mounting: simple holders or holder with mounting brackets. Shelves can be produced from a variety of colors and thickness of glass or laminated, painted, veneered or MDF boards. Drawers, chests, cupboards with hinged doors, clothing and shoe racks can be installed between the uprights. Moreover, halogen illuminators can be mounted on them.

By using the multi-functional aluminum system we will create a customized, easily transformable piece of furniture which differs from other similar systems by a distinctive design and a vast variety of options.

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