Cannot decide what furniture do you want - invite VESIDA designer to your home!

You can invite a designer who will advise you what is the best way to lay out your house area and what furniture to choose.

If you plan to make home repair

Before starting the repair it is advisable to choose the place for a wardrobe. There are no restrictions for the built-in wardrobe, it can be placed in the bottom of the stairs, where the standard furniture does not fit or in corner locations, but it is best suited for a niche. As the main feature of the built-in wardrobe is that some of the elements required for freestanding wardrobe are not obligatory: one or both sidewalls, a backwall, bottom or upper plates, they are replaced by the walls, ceiling and floor. In a place where you plan to have a wardrobe it would be good to make some simple renewal: flatten the walls, lay floors, fixing the ceiling. The quality of cabinet assembling will depend on the quality of the repair jobs done. 

Think what are you going to keep in a wardrobe

Think about the things that you plan to keep the new wardrobe. Write down what and how much things do you plan to fit into the wardrobe then it will be easier to choose interior furniture - shelves, drawers, baskets and hangers. For your convenience, we offer a wide variety of tie, pants and skirt racks, pantographs, iron, ironing board, vacuum cleaner holders and other.

If you want to use non-standard area effectively, choose built-in wardrobe

If there is no place to put standard furniture, built-in wardrobes are a great choice. These wardrobes can be installed in special niche at the bottom of the stairs, attic - anywhere you want.

Not only clothes can be kept in the wardrobe

Wardrobe can be used not only for clothes and shoes, but also to hold children's toys, audio and video equipment, vacuum cleaner, ironing board and other items.

If you want to create a sense of space at your home, use glass or mirror

Wardrobes and other furniture in which clear, frosted, coloured glass or mirrors are used create a sense of space at home.

Universal wardrobe can change a couple of furniture at the same time

Universal wardrobe - it is a complex of multi-purpose furniture: wardrobe, cupboard and desk. This kind of wardrobe is generally preferred by owners modest homes who appreciate the ergonomics of the furniture and combine practicality with aesthetics.

Hide the desk in the wardrobe

Built-in desks save a lot of space in the apartment and are comfortable to use.

In addition, order lighting in the wardrobe

Lighting in the anteroom or other wardrobe not only helps to find the clothes faster, but also provide exclusivity.Not only for halogen illumination are used of lighting, but also non-standard solutions, for example light in the clothes hangers. It turns on when you open wardrobe's doors and turns off when you close them.

Perform preventive furniture check

After a certain operating period some mechanical parts: hinges, wheels, mini fixes, joints lose their optimal adjustment. This compounds sliding door, drawer opening, cause grinding. It is recommended to grease rails, tighten the mini fixes, screws, adjust the hinges once in a year.