Are the sliding doors with a glass or mirror manufactured in VESIDA safe to use?

VESIDA pays special attention to the safety of all products: mirror panel is covered by a protective film from the inside, a glass panel is made only from the shatterproof glass, it can be additionally covered by a protective film on customer's demand.

Are sliding doors' wheels with bearings?

All sliding doors' lower wheels are with bearings, this ensures system durability and comfortable door sliding: there are no unwanted noises when opening and closing sliding doors, they slide easily without use of physical force.

What sliding door types you can offer and how they differ?

Sliding door systems are classified according to the types of materials used:

  • Steel system: painted steel profiles, steel profiles with wood imitation finish;
  • Aluminum System: anodized aluminum profiles, aluminum profiles with wood imitation finish, aluminum profiles with natural wood veneer.

Steel and aluminum systems can be in various designs, profile types, shapes and width.

Steel system - a high-quality sliding door system that is used to produce wardrobe sliding doors. Wheels are visible in the inner side of the sliding doors. Aluminum sliding door system is universal because wheels are hidden inside the sliding doors. This system is not only used in wardrobes, but also as partitions to divide rooms or as entrance doors.

Are all sliding door systems equally reliable?

Yes. We work with the best sliding door systems manufacturers that is why our sliding door systems are durable and reliable.

Where can sliding doors be used in the room interior?

Due to ease of operation (sliding doors do not need additional space to be opened), easy installation these systems are used as doors, partitions between rooms, partition constructions in offices, hairdressers, medical consulting-rooms and more. In the newly built apartments a lot of undivided spaces are left and sliding doors from aluminium systems can be used.

What laminated chipboard panel do you use?

In VESIDA sliding door panels and wardrobe interior is made using laminated chipboard panels. To meet customers' desired color, plate thickness and price needs, we use panels taken directly from the manufacturers:

  • KRONO, Poland;
  • EGGER, Austria;
  • WODEGO, Germany.

Are the materials you use certified?

Yes, all our materials have quality and hygiene certificates and correspond to EU quality and hygiene requirements.

Does VESIDA do furniture design works?

Yes, VESIDA employees are highly skilled furniture designers who, based on many years of company experience, will offer optimal solutions for everyone needs.

What depth of the niche is required for a built-in wardrobe?

We recommend 65 - 70 cm depth however VESIDA can offer individuals solutions for everyone's needs.

Can a wardrobe be smaller than 65 cm in depth?

Yes, if you want VESIDA designers will design and produce cabinets in various depth.