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Special Features


We offer you high quality products:

  • We use only high quality materials and fittings.
  • We manufacture by using the latest technologies and equipment.
  • We offer high quality assemblage.
  • We offer ergonomic, comfortable, beautiful and long lasting furniture.


We care about your safety:

  • Furniture is made ​​from ecological E1 class panels.
  • Furniture meets all technical safety requirements. We make sure that the design and manufacture is made in accordance with technical safety requirements.
  • Edges of the shelves are covered with 2 mm PVC edgeband.
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A properly designed interior is sophisticated, professional, knowledge and skill requiring task. To create an aesthetic interior you firstly need a good idea, suitable artistic expression and realization performed in high quality.

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We strive that our furniture would not only meet your individual taste and would be stylish and made in high quality, but also comfortable:

  • VESIDA's sliding doors move silently, has pull-up, quiet closing mechanisms, their handles are comfortable. 
  • Ergonomically designed internal fittings: everything is on tap, shelves and hangers are on convenient height and location.
  • The most suitable drawer type is chosen depending on the furniture.
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Competitive price

VESIDA offers customized solutions, stylish, high quality furniture and professional services at competitive prices.
We offer a wide range of materials, fittings, products and a variety of design solutions for individual solutions implementation. We buy materials directly from manufacturers and represent them, so we can offer low-cost production to the market. By using modern manufacturing facilities and the latest technology we produce fast and in high quality.



  • Moving sliding doors elements are provided with 10-year warranty.
  • Freestanding furniture is provided with 12-month warranty.
  • Halogen lighting transformers are provided with 6-month warranty.
  • Halogen lamps are provided with 2-week warranty.
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