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We, VESIDA, have 19 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing sliding doors, partitions, hallway, bedroom and universal wardrobes with sliding doors, walk-in wardrobes, beds and other bedroom, office, non-standard freestanding furniture. We aim to become market leaders in our work field by continuously improving quality in furniture production and consulting, design, installation and maintenance services.


We provide:

  • The modern product design,
  • The highest quality,
  • Competitive prices,
  • On time order implementation,
  • The top level control of the whole process (from order acceptance, production to product assembly).



  • strive to satisfy customer needs, offer high quality products and fast delivery time,
  • constantly raise Company's product value by enhancing it's quality, manufacture technology, offering a wide range of materials and providing furniture designed according to newest market trends,
  • progressively improve Company‘s image in the market.




We can make this happen by:

  • constantly reviewing and evaluating targeted set of quality objectives,
  • continually improving our quality management system and sponsoring quality sphere,
  • including all company employees in the quality management process and raising their skills,
  • identifying and analyzing user needs and requirements,
  • continually improving the design, manufacture, assemblage and servicing, using advanced business innovations, improving professional skills of employees,
  • reducing production costs, improving technologies and renewing facilities, selecting quality materials and reliable suppliers,
  • having a strict quality control from the first production operation and setting employees' responsibility for the company's operation processes,
  • constantly reviewing and evaluating company‘s quality policy in order to keep it up-to-date.